Meeting Models
Ein smart aussehendes Meeting Model steigert deine Erfolgsquote

Your presentations lack a certain something?

Present like the hippest unicorn in town - with our professional meeting models.

Be it investors, partners or customers. The be-all and end-all of really hitting home with your product or idea is a terrific presentation.

Presenting well can be learned. But for that certain something - the modern, digital-age touch - there was no solution. Until now!

We help you achieve the distinct SanFran startup vibe for your presentations.

Management Mates

The right management team at the right time!

Choose the perfect Management Mates for your presentation and your audience with our world-class configurator.

Two professional Management Mates
  • Style
    • Classic Hipster
    • Business Hipster (Beard in a suit)
    • Business Casual
    • Straight-from-law-school
    • many more…
  • Character
    • Rockstar
    • Obedient
    • Child genius
    • Smartass
    • many more…
  • Languages
    • English
    • English + accent (e.g. Indian)
    • German
    • Estonian
    • many more…

Worker Bees

Show your company’s future size, today!

From developers to designers to sales reps: Our worker bees can represent anything and always look quite busy. Equipment may be booked optional.

Worker Bees will let your company seem bigger
  • Type
    • Fresh graduates
    • Young professionals
    • Seasoned veterans
    • Mixed
    • many more…
  • Activities
    • Developer
    • Designer
    • Sales
    • Customer Support
    • many more…

Meeting models helped many companies ace their presentations and sell their products.

We’ve been flooded with investor enquiries after replacing our workforce with Worker Bees.

Without Management Mates our keynotes won’t work.

Wow your audience with our experience in creating the perfect ambience for every presentation.

let’s be real…

You dont need to resort to trickery, if you have a compelling product. We can help you with that.

Let’s talk about it